Life on Campus

In Germany we have a saying: "Vorfreude ist die schönste Freude" - which means, loosely translated, that the greatest pleasure lies in the anticipation. Accordingly, we hope that all the information provided on this website will make you giddy with anticipation. We also hope to eliminate some of the question marks that you may still have regarding what life on one of the two campuses of the DHBW Mosbach will be like. Thus, you can find below some information on housing, integration at the DHBW Mosbach and a link to our Welcome Guide.

By the way, you can find student testimonials on the websites of the respective International Program, here for the IPB and here for the IPE.

We hope that your exchange semester at the DHBW Mosbach will be simply unforgettable!

Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any questions.


We organize housing for all our exchange students, all you have to do is turn up, sign the lease contract and then pay the deposit and a monthly rent.

In Mosbach, we have two International Houses located near the center of Mosbach. The houses are just a few minutes walk from the campus and are also close to all the shops, supermarkets, pubs, as well as the train and bus station. The houses have shared apartments with either shared or single rooms.

In Bad Mergentheim, we also have some rooms available in an International House, which is located just a 5 minute walk from the campus and the center of the town. Housing will be arranged for all students in the International House or in other accomodation close to the city center of Bad Mergentheim.

You can, of course, also organize housing on your own.

Please hand in the Housing Form together with the other application documents and indicate your preferences there.


Exchange students do not pay tuition fees at the DHBW Mosbach. The estimated minimum monthly expenses for exchange students are approximately 750 Euros.

This includes:

  • Housing (per month) plus refundable safety deposit of two to three months in most cases: 250.00 € to 400.00 €         
  • Lunch at the student restaurant (per meal): approx. 3.20 €
  • Student services fee (one-off fee): 80.00 €
  • Public health insurance (per month – for non-EU citizens): 77.90 €
  • Miscellaneous (excursions, books, etc.)*: approx. 250.00 €
  • Visa fees (one-off fee): 80.00 €

*There might be additional personal expenses (e.g. for public transport, household articles, travelling, etc.), additional program specific costs may arise. These can include costs for books, photocopies, excursions, trips, and other things.

Integration at the DHBW Mosbach

The International Programs are offered both for international exchange students as well as selected full-time DHBW Mosbach students. Before you arrive for your exchange semester at the DHBW Mosbach, we will match you with one of these German students. You can contact your buddy before and during your stay with any questions you might have.

Additionally, the students in the International Program can sign up for specific tasks. For example, there will be a student, who will be in charge of letting you know what you have to do in order to open a bank account and one who will accompany you to the town hall for your registration in Germany. Another tutor will keep you up-to-date regarding the planned excursions.

The classes in our International Programs are quite small, so you will get to know the other students very quickly. We hope that you will make a lot of new friends while you are with us!

Welcome Guide

Once you have successfully applied to one of our International Programs, we will send you more information.

You can also have a look at our Welcome Guide, which contains a lot of detailed information on what to keep in mind before and during your stay at the DHBW Mosbach. There is one Welcome Guide for the Campus Mosbach and one for the Campus Bad Mergentheim.

For a first impression of Mosbach, you can also watch this video.