Courses and Semester Dates

Courses in English

If you want to take courses in English during your exchange semester at the DHBW Mosbach, you can choose one of our so-called International Programs: The International Program in Business (IPB) or the International Program in Engineering (IPE).

These one-semester programs are laid out for mixed groups of incoming students and DHBW Mosbach students and include

  • Classes taught in English by DHBW Mosbach and international faculty
  • Intensive German language course for international students (according to your level)
  • Company visits and excursions
  • German buddy for each exchange student

Exchange students can earn 30 ECTS in one of these programs.

Please note that you have to have sufficient English language skills in order to participate in these programs (B2 or better).

The International Programs take place at one of the two campuses of the DHBW Mosbach at different times throughout the year.

International students have the opportunity to combine the programs IBP Fall and IPB Spring on the Campus Mosbach (two-semester program).

You can find the exact semester dates on the pages of the individual program. There, you will also find detailed information on the modules taught within each particular program and who your contacts here at the DHBW Mosbach are. Find out how to apply for one of these programs here.

International Program in Business (IPB)

The IPB takes place three times throughout the year, twice on the campus in Mosbach and once on the campus in Bad Mergentheim.

IPB Spring (Campus Mosbach): January – April

IPB Spring (Campus Bad Mergentheim): April – June

IPB Fall (Campus Mosbach): September - December

Detailed information about the IPB, including more detailed syllabi regarding the courses, can be found here.

International Program in Engineering (IPE)

The IPE takes place at the following time of year:

IPE Spring (Campus Mosbach): April – July

Please note that this program requires some fairly advanced knowledge of engineering, so check out the prerequisites needed.

Detailed information on the IPE, including a more detailed syllabi of the courses, can be found here.